Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Saturday, June 25, 2011

5 Conversations I Don't Want To Have Anymore

Around the Corner-MGuhlin.org: 5 Conversations I Don't Want To Have Anymore: "Source: http://conversationsinsocialmedia.files.wordpress.com/2010/07/conversation.jpg Meditating on the crazy stuff people do from day ..."

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

77 Web Resources for Teachers to Try this Summer

Richard Byrne, author of the Free Technoloy for Teachers blog, compiled 77 web resources for teachers to check out over the summer. Spend some time exploring and playing around with these tools. Remember to email me if you'd like to get together this summer for a training, a refresher, or to plan for using technology in your classroom.

Click on the book below to view in full screen.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Introducing the Tech Team

Congratulations to the following teachers for being selected to be part of the NCCS 2011-12 Tech Team:

Conover School - Jeremy Ross
Shuford Elementary - Cindy Geddes
South Newton Elementary - Julie Bowman
Thornton Elementary - Mandy Cobb
Newton-Conover Middle School - Andrea Ward
Newton-Conover High School - Jessica Faltermayer
Newton-Conover Health Science High School - Jody Dixon
NCCS - Amanda McRary

These teachers will be model classrooms for instructional technology and will facilitate district-wide technology trainings on a variety of topics during the 2011-12 school year.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer Online PD Opportunity

All educators are invited to attend the Reform Symposium Online Conference, a three-day global online event, focusing on best practices in 21st-century education. This amazing event, featuring world class keynote speakers and other educators who often present in major conferences worldwide, takes place July 29 through July 31, 2011. You can attend this online conference from the comfort of your home or anywhere you have Internet access, and it’s FREE!

This remarkable conference gives you the opportunity to connect with educators and professionals in the field of education worldwide. Over 4,000 educators from many countries attended our conference last year, and more than 8,000 are expected to attend RSCON3. This year’s focus is on presentations that will discuss best practices in education, integrating technology, the impact of social media and much more.

The conference includes 12 Keynote speakers, over 60 thirty-minute presentations, three panel discussions and a one-hour technology “Smack Down” - an exciting session where participants show off their favorite technology tool in rapid-fire 2-minute sessions.  Join for one session or as many as you like! 

You can view the flyer online here: Reformsymposium.com/rscon3-flyer

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Introducing the "Tech Tips for Teachers" Blog

Welcome to the new Tech Tips for Teachers blog! Each week, I'll post an article to support you with technology integration in your classroom. Topics will be related to ways you can use technology tools to enhance teaching and learning. Guest bloggers will also post articles occasionally. If you are interested in being a guest blogger, please let me know know.

Use the "Follow by Email" section on the right to sign up for email updates. Each time I update the blog, you will automatically get an email update sent to your inbox. If you don't want to get email updates, you can bookmark this site and check back regularly. I'll also include a link to this blog in my Teaching with Technology Glogs.

In the future, if you're trying to find a previous blog posting, you can type a keyword into the "Search this Blog" box to find it. You can add comments to blog updates in the Comments section below each post. I encourage you to add comments if you'd like to share examples of ways you're using technology in your classroom, pose questions for other blog readers, or share your own strategies and resources for instructional technology.

I wanted to let you know that Edutopia is publishing a weekly Summer Professional Development Blog series. Check in regularly throughout the summer for updates.

Stay tuned for the first official blog post next week which will be geared toward resources to help you with planning for technology integration over the summer.