Friday, November 15, 2013

Memes by Education Majors

To relieve some stress, I asked my elementary education pre-service teachers to create memes and share them with the class so we could laugh a little. They used the Meme Generator iPad app by MemeCrunch. I've posted their memes below. Enjoy...

And for the finale...

Freshman Year

Senior Year

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Classroom Web Pages built by Pre-Service Teachers

Each semester, students in my Technology in the Classroom course build a classroom web page they can use in their student teaching and in their future as teachers. This assignment begins by having my pre-service teachers explore existing classroom websites to find out what to do and what not to do. The rubric I use to evaluate this assignment is below. I've posted web pages from previous semesters here and here. This semester, my students have done outstanding work. Their web pages are linked below. Please take a few minutes to explore these new exemplary classroom web pages built by pre-service teachers. They would love to get your feedback, so feel free to leave a comment below.

Health and Physical Education

Kenny Dockal
Melissa East
Mike Hedrick
Andrew Thomas


Robyn Tewksbury


Leigha Banner
Brooke Bolin
Prasilla Castillo
Jared Clark
Lindsay Guill
Laura Hofeldt
Katie Lunsford
Morgan Mitchem
Emily Pinnix
Quinn Scarvey
Charlene Taylor
Jesse Waycaster
Samantha Williams

Friday, November 8, 2013

Virtual Field Trips Created by Pre-Service Teachers

In my Technology in the Classroom course, we've been exploring possibilities for using virtual field trips (VFTs) to expand the curriculum and take students to locations they may never visit in person. If virtual field trips are a new concept for you, I've blogged about them here and here. After exploring virtual field trip resources and examples of VFTs, my students worked to build their own. We've shared these trips with our 3rd grade buddy class in Brooklyn, NY, who gave us feedback on our VFT plans as we were developing them. Our 3rd grade friends will be taking some of these trips and giving us feedback to help us improve our skills in designing and developing virtual field trips. The 3rd graders have also brainstormed their own VFT ideas and shared them with my pre-service teachers via Google Docs. I hope you'll explore some of our virtual field trips below and leave a comment. Happy exploring!

Environments and Human Behavior - 1st grade
by Lindsay Guill, Katie Lunsford, and Charlene Taylor

The Sun - 3rd grade
by Brooke Bolin, Jared Clark, and Quinn Scarvey
Symbaloo webmix

Team Sports
by Kenny Dockal, Mike Hedrick, and Andrew Thomas

Exploring the Sport of Biathlon - 2nd grade
by Melissa East and Jesse Waycaster

Ecosystems - 5th grade
by Morgan Mitchem
Symbaloo webmix

North Carolina State Symbols - 4th grade
by Leigha Banner, Emily Pinnix, Samantha Williams

Weather and Natural Resources
Kindergarten Prezi and Google Earth file by Prasilla Hofeldt
2nd grade by Laura Hofeldt

The Human Body by Robyn Tewksbury
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