Tuesday, April 2, 2013

More Exemplary Classroom Web Pages by Pre-Service Teachers

Pre-service teachers taking my Technology in the Classroom course create a classroom web page as part of their course requirements. Each semester, we spend time exploring existing classroom web pages and evaluating them according to these criteria. Students then build their own web pages which they can use in their student teaching and hopefully continue to use as they enter the teaching profession. I have high expectations for this assignment, and this semester's group did not disappoint. Their web pages are linked below. If you're a classroom teacher or someone who supports teachers in instructional technology, you can take a few pointers from these students and apply them to your own work. You can read about my assignment expectations and view web page submissions from the fall semester here.

Health and Physical Education


Middle Grades Science and Mathematics

High School English

High School Mathematics

High School Social Studies


http://informaticslru.weebly.com - Informatics for Nursing (The professor for this course is taking my Technology in the Classroom course this semester.)