Friday, September 30, 2011

SimpleK12 Webinars

SimpleK12 is an educational resource site that offers FREE webinars for teachers on a variety of technology topics and tools. Most webinars take place after school hours. SimpleK12 webinars are open to anyone who wants to attend. Registration is simple, and participating is even simpler! Just register ahead of time and log in to the webinar to learn about ways you can integrate technology in your classroom.

Upcoming webinars:

  • Save Time and Simplify Your Grading
  • Supporting Bloom's Taxonomy in a Digital World
  • Saving Time with Innovative Web Tools
  • 30 Tools in 50 Minutes
  • Create Differentiated and Online Lessons with Screencasts and Audio
  • Digital Storytelling Using the iPad
  • Google Sites: Web Sites Made Simple
  • Interactive Sites for Your Interactive Whiteboard
  • Make Google Forms Work for You (I'll be presenting that one!)
  • 3 Keys to Having a Successful Blog
Click here to read descriptions and register for these free webinars. Bookmark this site and check back often as new topics are added. 

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