Thursday, January 5, 2012

Edmodo as my Learning Management System

This spring, I'm teaching a course called Technology in the Classroom. The purpose of the course is to prepare pre-service teachers to integrate technology across the curriculum and use technology to enhance teaching and learning. I'm structuring the course learning experiences using tools that these pre-service teachers can use as teaching and learning tools in their future classrooms. The students will be creating and maintaining their own PLNs (Personal Learning Networks) using tools like Twitter, Blogger, and Google Reader. They will also be participating in a PLC (Professional Learning Community) throughout the semester using Edmodo.

I've set up the entire course in an Edmodo room, in the hopes that my students will develop a vision for using Edmodo in their future classrooms. The functionality of Edmodo lends itself really well to serving as an LMS (Learning Management System). I've uploaded all course documents, videos, links, and other resources into folders organized by weekly course topics. I will also be posting weekly discussion questions, polls, and quizzes pertaining to course content that students are expected to respond to and discuss online and in class. Students will submit all assignments through Edmodo, and I'll use Edmodo to maintain student grades as well as our course calendar. Collaboration is made easy through Edmodo's small group feature. I am able to create small groups within our Edmodo room for collaborative projects, small group discussions, and focused interactions. I created a rubric to evaluate students' participation through Edmodo, focusing on the quality of their responses, their references to course materials and other sources, and their online interactions with others. While the course is a face-to-face course, Edmodo will allow us to work in a blended learning environment, extending our time for interacting with course content and each other.

Five Ways to Post Something on the Wall

Edmodo Library (course materials organized in folders to the left)

Edmodo Calendar

I'd love to hear about how you're using Edmodo as a teaching and learning tool. Please leave a comment or get in touch with me via Twitter @jaymelinton.


  1. I use Edmodo in my 4th grade classroom for quizzes and to post assignments. I find it is an easy to manage, great way to begin giving students responsibility for their own, independent learning.

  2. Great blog post! One of my classmates shared this with me after I presented about Edmodo and building PLN's to my technology and learning class. Here's a website I designed that might be helpful for the new teachers:

    Please keep blogging about PLN's. I'm hoping to design a PLN e-course to help new teachers improve their self-efficacy, technology skills, and feel more connected when they start their first teaching job. @torreytrust

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  4. offers schools and colleges the power to own an online learning management software that gives students access to course material stored online, thus making knowledge accessible from anywhere at any time. The LMS offers teachers a comprehensive tool to organize study sessions and conduct virtual discussions to the benefit of every student.

  5. This is the Best learning management system that maintain student grades as well as our course calendar.....
    Thanks for sharing...!!!!