Friday, February 8, 2013

Creating with TPCK and the NETS*S

This week, I had the opportunity to attend the annual conference of the North Carolina Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (NC ASCD). While I was away at the conference, I asked pre-service teachers in my technology course - EDU 451: Technology in the Classroom - to meet without me. Their task was to work collaboratively in small groups to create original pieces of media on topics of their choice. Through this assignment, I wanted my students to experience a technology-infused learning opportunity and utilize the NETS*S rather than simply reading about and discussing them.

Instructions for the assignment:
  1. Select a topic of study that is of personal or professional significance to you.
  1. Create a minimum of three pieces of original media related to this topic. You must create at least two different types of media. (image, video, podcast, screenshot, screencast, digital drawing, etc.)
  1. Combine your created media into a format that can be used for presentation or sharing with others. (slideshow, blog post, PowerPoint, Google Doc, flyer, Pinterest board, LiveBinder, etc.)
  1. Post your finished product to Edmodo, and include a paragraph describing how you would use these media to teach your topic of study to someone else.
  1. View your classmates’ products and comment on at least one of them.

Once the projects were created, each group completed this handout to document how their creation project utilized the TPCK framework and NETS for Students. The handout also guided groups through a conversation about applications for this assignment in their own classrooms.

Below, you'll find the projects my students created. The class meets for one hour, and I encouraged them to spend half their time creating and half their time working through the handout. I'm not sure how much time was actually spent creating, but I was certainly thrilled with their products. Please feel free to leave a comment for my students.

Prezi introducing a musical term - Ostinati

Football video

President's Day VoiceThread

English Pinterest board

Weather PowerPoint

We love Labs Prezi

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